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Experience the advantages of a community approach to comprehensive and individualized care.

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Individualized Care

Newfane Nursing and Rehabilitation is proud to serve Niagara and Erie county in pioneering concepts to make a stay in rehab a personalized and positive experience that promotes the health of the whole person.

While carefully attending to medical concerns, our individualized care also includes detailed and consistent attention to each guest’s expression of personal preferences and social, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs. We understand that healing requires your input as well as support from your healthcare team and the rest of the world around you.

  • Comprehensive Care

  • Individualized Approach

  • Community Values

Newfane Rehab Values

To provide the highest level of complete care for all our residents in all aspects.

To make a positive impact on a person’s life when they are most in need.

To Serve. To Respect. To Care.