Our culture at Newfane Rehab is the keystone to providing the highest level of care, and the circle of trust in which we operate is the foundation that supports and nourishes it.


The trust we foster in our teams allow for members to perform at their highest level. Surrounded by people with a clear understanding of the facility and personal core values provide the framework that guides our moment to moment decisions and gives clarity to the overall mission we strive for.

Operating in an environment where colleagues trust one another enables the focus of energy on outward contribution and service, instead of focusing on how an individual may be perceived or impacted by their decisions. Accountability is of course paramount, but individual performance is judged in accordance to the overall success of the team and the experience we provide to those we care for.

Providing quality individualized care as a team and having pride in being part of the Newfane Rehab family strengthens the circle, and ensures the best possible environment to work and the best possible experience for our guests.

MDS Coordinator
Newfane, NY  |  Full-time

RN - Registered Nurse
Newfane, NY  |  Full-time

LPN - Per Diem - Earn Up To $30/hr!
Newfane, NY  |  Part-time

Activities Aide
Newfane, NY  |  Part-time

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)
Newfane, NY  |  Full-time

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant
Newfane, NY  |  Full-time


What level of impact can a healthy and supportive culture have on the quality of care we’re able provide?

Culture can make the difference between dreading an upcoming shift, or springing out of bed to serve in a place where your contribution matters. Our teams truly
make a difference in many people’s lives everyday. We are often inherently part of a family’s most difficult times, but this allows us to serve as a beacon of hope when encouragement is needed, a pillar of strength when it’s time to preserver, or sometimes simply a shoulder to cry on.

We also share in the celebration of overcoming obstacles and defeating the odds. We appreciate the impact that a simple smile can offer. We vicariously experience the wonder of otherwise simple moments, magnified through the lens of those that have recently been reminded how precious our time is. We borrow this perspective to bring alignment and purpose to our mission, and carry these lessons to our personal lives, reminding us as to what is truly important.